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iCFO Capital: Access to equity and debt capital for early-stage companies


We believe that any successful financing strategy is based upon thorough preparation prior to showing your opportunity to a potential investor. Our strategy is to assist each client with creating a capital acquisition program by fine-tuning a comprehensive package of information upon which our investors can base their funding decisions. Additionally, we can introduce your financing proposal to investment sources who are looking for profitable investments. At your request, we will prepare you to make presentations to those capital sources. ​ 

Business Meeting

What is Your Financial strategy?

Starting Off

Understanding Your Financial Needs.

Phase One

Find The Right Fit Capital Resources and Investors.

Phase Two

We offer Strategic Planning and Execution.

Phase Three

Creating Liquidity for Investors.

Learn More

iCFO Capital Virtual Investment Conference

iCFO Capital holds several monthly virtual investment conferences. These meetings bring Accredited Investors, Angel Investors, and Investment Bankers who are interested in pre-qualified investment opportunities as well as other service providers and industry professionals to create a large audience of financing and networking opportunities for our clients.

Our Platform


iCFO Capital bridges the gap between Entrepreneurs and Investors with our platform Deals2Match. Using its algorithm, we can match any deal type in any industry based on the investor’s investment scope and the entrepreneur’s profile. Once our team prospects and qualifies the right fit, we’ll contact the investor. We know your time is valuable, that’s why we do a very thorough filtering process to only send you deal flows of your interest. Submitting your investor profile has no cost to you or any other investors who are currently looking for deal flow.

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