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iCFO Capital is pleased to welcome Mrs. Migena Agaraj to its Dallas team,

Published on September 2022

iCFO Capital Investor Relations Firm, headquartered in Dallas continues its expansion by welcoming Mrs. Migena Agaraj to its Dallas team.

LA JOLLA, CALIFORNIA, SEPTEMBER 2022 - Today we're thrilled to welcome Migena Agaraj to our Dallas team. Mrs. Agaraj has joined our General Partners, Amanda Bar, Pedro De Leon Jr, and Adam Bar, as the new Vice President of Business Development of our iCFO Capital Dallas branch. Mrs. Agaraj provides sophisticated debt, equity, and investment products to early-stage and expanding growth companies.

ICFO Capital, LLC., headquartered in San Diego with ten offices throughout the country, provides a platform for Entrepreneurs to connect with our Private Investors who make direct debt and equity investments for early-stage and expanded growth businesses. We believe that any successful financing strategy is based upon thorough preparation before showing your opportunity to a potential investor. Our process is to assist each client with creating a capital acquisition program by fine-tuning a comprehensive package of information upon which our investors can base their funding decisions.

Mrs. Agaraj - Experienced Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the facilities services industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Budgeting, Operations Management, Microsoft Excel, and Customer Service. Strong program and project management professional with a School of Professional Studies focused in Commercial Property Management from New York University.

Migena Agaraj

Vice President of Business Development

(917) 439-9471 |

iCFO Capital Dallas, LLC. |

Dallas, Texas

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